Mothers of Peace: Women of the Sun and Women Wage Peace

A contribution by Papri Doulah & Sara Samuel Rezzene

In a region torn apart by conflict and division, two organizations stand as beacons of hope, led by mothers who are determined to secure a brighter future for their children. Women of the Sun, representing Palestinian Women and Mothers, and Women Wage Peace, representing Israeli Women and Mothers, embody the beliefs that Mothers striving for a better future for their children hold the key to resolving the longstanding Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

On May 2, 2024 an award was presented to a Palestinian and an Israeli women’s peace initiative. They received the Günter-Wallraff- Prize for freedom of the press and human rights.

Women of the Sun

Women of the Sun is a Palestinian women’s organization dedicated to advancing the rights and empowerment of women in Palestine. But beyond that, it is a movement led by Mothers who refuse to accept a future of perpetual conflict for their children. Those Women, driven by their maternal instinct to protect and nurture, are at the forefront of the struggle for peace and justice in Palestine. They believe that by advocating for their children’s future, they can pave the way for a more peaceful and prosperous tomorrow.

Women Wage Peace

On the other side of the divide, Women wage Peace is an Israeli movement comprising Mothers who are determined to end the cycle of violence and insecurity that has plagued their region for generations. Those mothers, united by their shared desire for better future for their children, refuse to let conflict define their lives. Instead, they channel their material love and determination into advocacy for peace, dialogue and reconciliation. They believe that by coming together across divides, they can create a future in which their children can live in peace and security.

Promoting Diversity and Unity

Both women of the Sun and Women Wage Peace recognize the importance of fostering diversity and unity among their children. Despite the divisions that exist between their communities, these organizations work tirelessly together to create opportunities for their children to play, learn and grow together.“ They don’t want to be afraid for their child every single day they don’t want children to keep dying for stupid reason for political reason it’s a mother call.” This quote is from Meera, she was asked to explain why the organizations work together. She meant with “they” women in the region. Through forming a joint platform, meeting for a peace conference and organizing a peace march, they seak to break down barriers and foster understanding and empathy among the next generation and peaceful resolution in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Women of the Sun and Women Wage Peace are not just organization, they are movements led by Mothers who refused to accept a future of conflict for their children. Those Women, driven by their love and determination, are a powerful force for change in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As they continue to advocate for peace and justice, let us draw inspiration from their example and work together towards a future of peace and prosperity for all. This award shows the importance of the connection from two countries.

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